Speed Healing and Spare Muscle with the Latest Procedures.

In orthopaedics, as in other surgical specialties, advancing technologies, new procedures and new surgical philosophies are changing things for the better. Lighter, stronger, more durable artificial joints, for example. Or computer-guided technology that allows your surgeon to work even more precisely.

What's more, surgeons at MCO are performing a number of new procedures that improve outcomes and reduce healing times—and improve the quality of life for MCO patients. For example, joint replacement, partial joint replacement and procedures that can delay the need for joint replacement for years. Plus a variety of new procedures and techniques to repair muscle tears and torn ligaments.

The surgical philosophy is simple: Spare muscle. Do the most good through the smallest possible incision. Many of the procedures MCO surgeons perform are accomplished through arthroscopes. Some of the latest post-operative pain management techniques are available.

It's great orthopaedic outcomes right here. In North Central Minnesota. Close to family and friends. Close to home.